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Fimar Group is a construction company active since 2014 in Tuusula and the entrie Uusimaa region. We take care of new constructions and offer other construction services with great professional skill, and we make sure that your construction project will get ready safely and according to plans. We are a growing and cheerful company and our business idea is based on the "keys in hand" concept. Planning, execution and finalization - we take care of everything! You will only need to enjoy the final result.

Your wishes will be taken into consideration and the communication throughout the projects will be frequent, so that the job will get done without any errors. Our staff will make sure that the project proceeds safely, cost-efficiently and reliably. We only use professional tools and high quality materials. Are you projecting your dream house our are you thinking of adding a terrace to the house you have? Fimar Group can help you - we will build exactly what you want, how you want it!

New constructions conveniently from start to finish

There are many kinds of new constructions and we at fimar Group can customize our services to meet your needs. if you are building a house, or if you want to add a sauna to your house, or just t upgrade the external spaces of your house, we can handle it. Our "keys in hand" concept guarantees that your construction project will be done with skill from start to finish. we will ensure that the work proceeds safely and in the final stage, we will double check all the details.

Our services cover all the carpentry work and the all-inclusive construction of interior and exterior spaces. Our clientele comprises both private and corporate clients and we have long-term collaboration with some of the most important Finnish construction companies.

Ready-made homes and holiday houses  

Alongside new construction projects, we also offer ready-made homes and holiday houses. These package services are sold through our Estonian business partner, Mountain House Oü.

On top of this, in Tuusula area and the entire Uusimaa region, you can rent construction tools and machinery from us. We have professiona high qualityl tools suitable for big and small jobs.If you want more information about these services, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more!

This is where new constructions begin!