This website is part of Fonecta website network and it collects information with cookies in order to enable the functionality of the service and targeted advertising.The user can block the cookies or clear the cookie history from the web browser settings or to refuse targeted advertising by visiting the opt out websites by our partners in targeted advertising. If the user continues browsing the website after the provided information and influence options, the user accepts the use of cookies.

Use of cookies 

A cookie is a small and user specific unnamed text file stored on the user’s web browser. Only the server which uploaded the cookie can read the cookie later and recognize the browser when it visit the same web site again. Cookies do not harm the user´s equipment and cookies cannot identify the user, except if the user has signed in to the services.

We collect information about the use of our services by using cookies and other similar technologies. Information is collected about the features of the user’s device and about the activities of the user on the tracked site.

Cookies are primarily divided into session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies expire once the user closes the web session, persistent cookies remain on the browser for a certain period of time, or until the user removes them. Cookies facilitate the use of websites and enable certain functionalities, such as remembering web sessions, user-specific personification of websites, and easy identification to the service and targeted advertising to the likelihood of interest of the user.

So called first party cookies are placed by the website that is shown in the address bar. Besides this, cookies from third parties such as advertising networks, measurement and tracking service providers, advertising technology vendors and social media services are used.

Purpose of cookies

We use cookies to enable the functionality of our services, as well as for analytics and to optimize the user experience, developing and reporting of the services and for targeted marketing on Fonecta’s and Fonecta’s cooperation partners’ websites. Cookies provide an easier use of our services for the users and the presented marketing is more appropriate.

The information gathered from the website is used to form target groups within Fonecta network and to extend existing target audiences by using so called Look-a-like modelling. The gathered target group information can be shared with third parties that are willing to offer targeted advertising to users, according to their interests. These third parties can link target group information about the users of the websites within the Fonecta advertising network to their own information in order to buy advertising space from websites mostly visited by the users interested in products and services of the advertiser. You can get more information here:

The user's influence

By using our websites, which use cookies, the user consents to information processing described above.You can block the cookies or browse the websites in private mode ("Private Browsing", "Incognito" or "InPrivate"), so that there won't be information about the websites you visit gathered by the cookies. However, please note that many websites do not work properly without the cookies.

The user can clear the cookie history from the web browser settings. The identifier that has been installed to the browser and the web behavioral profile based on the identifier will be removed. This action does not prevent new cookies from being saved on the browser. You can get more information about clearing the cookies from the instructions of your browser manufacturer.

You can refuse targeted advertising from third parties by visiting Your Online Choices. Fonecta's partners and the links to the websites where you can block targeted advertising are listed here:

Please note that cookie options are linked to individual browsers, so if you are using more than one browser and/or main device, you will have to select the options separately for every browser.